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3001 South 51st St. Ct.
Lincoln, NE 68506
Tel: 402-489-3001
Fax: 402-489-7378

The best place for
your best days

Welcome Home


Our motto "Independent a sharing community" is more than a slogan. It is a commitment to a way of life. When you move to Van Dorn Villa, you are free to live your own lifestyle in a home in which you have equity and control. At the same time you become part of life in a sharing community - a friendly community created by, and governed by, you and your neighbors for the common good. The door of opportunity is open to you for a good life at Van Dorn Villa!

Residents come to Van Dorn Villa for a variety of reasons. Some are retired and ready to downsize. Some are ready to give up mowing grass and shoveling snow. While others want a community of friends with a variety of activities, meals and entertainment. 

All of the condos are owned by the residents. Van Dorn Villa is a pet-free, smoking-free complex. The staff works hard to keep the complex clean and in good working order for the safety and enjoyment of the residents. 


Residents can relax and visit with guests, or enjoy activities in our Friendship Room, Rec Room or gardens.

HOA Management and Dues

Co-owners are members of a Homeowners Association which is managed by an elected Board of Directors. 

The HOA Dues remain low at $275 per month for an individual, and $290 for a couple. These cover cable television, lawn care, snow removal, garbage, water and sewer, cleaning and utilities for the common area, elevators, building equipment maintenance and replacement, insurance on the Villa, an escrow fund for future repairs and maintenance, and staff costs for management and other services.

Ideal Location

Van Dorn Villa is located on a quiet private drive just south of Van Dorn Plaza. It is convenient (walking distance) to pharmacies, restaurants, banks, a post office, hardware and auto parts stores and an athletic club. Some residents get groceries and medications delivered.

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