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Tropical Flower

Ever Active. Ever Green.


Most people move to Van Dorn Villa when they decide it is time to downsize from a large house. Maybe the kids are all grown, and the care of a lawn and shoveling snow has become too much. Many of our new residents have found themselves single again, and like the idea of living in a secure building with neighbors right next door and the amenities that condo living brings. 

While we refer to our lifestyle as retirement living, it remains a very active community. Many of our residents still work, or volunteer in hospitals and schools and churches. Most days will find groups of residents doing yoga, playing pool, or gardening. Residents stop at the front desk to say hello as they come in from a walk or bike ride or a visit to the fitness center across the street. If the weather limits going out, we will find residents will walk indoors, with almost three miles of hallways throughout the complex.

Villa residents find it easy to leave for longer periods of time without worry. Some will go to Texas or Arizona or California for months at a time. Others may be gone for a weekend or a few weeks, knowing that the staff and neighbors are keeping an eye on their place.

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